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We understand the art and science of perfumery. The art is the subtle and exact blend of essential oils to give a specific fragrance its unique character; the science is the exact process that renders natural ingredients hypo-allergenic and guarantees the longevity of the perfume.

Variety, veracity, value.
How can we sell perfume at such low prices? This is something many of our customers have often wondered. And it’s no secret... just good common sense.

We take an entirely different approach.
The essences are sourced from the top distillers in the world — located in France, Germany and Switzerland — imported to South Africa and combined with locally sourced alcohols in our laboratories. We only pay 3.5% Ad Valorem tax on the essences, and we sell the finished product in locally-sourced atomisers instead of expensive, branded glass bottles. All our savings are passed on to you.

Our blends are upwards of 30% more concentrated than suggested, international standards for Eau de Parfum. Since the concentrations of the oils in our perfumes are higher than conventional Eau de Parfum, they are stronger than perfumes available elsewhere. This not only guarantees added hours; it reduces the amount you need to apply to get the same result.

Higher concentrations of oils do not guarantee longevity. If it were simply a matter of increasing concentration, everyone would be successful at perfumery. In fact, many amateurs do, resulting in low-quality perfumes that don’t last very long. The secret lies in the formulation of the carrier substance. A properly formulated base will release the aromatic molecules at a slower rate. As our regular clients will testify, we have cracked that difficulty at The Perfume Gallery.

The end result: longer-lasting, market-identical perfumes at a fraction of the price. No trade secrets, and without any compromise on quality; in essence, it’s exactly the same thing.

We stock the equivalents of virtually every popular imported fragrance, from the modern Parisian flagship lines to the timeless trademarks of legendary Italian houses, and we also carry rare and discontinued lines no longer available from traditional outlets. You have an excellent chance that we will stock your favourite brand.

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Our perfumes are all A-Grade oil based equivalents of the original. In our view our fragrances are superior to the originals, since our essence concentrations are a minimum of 30% more than the branded versions. (Extrait concentration on all our fragrances)

We strive to have fragrances that last at least 12 hours.The international standard for an EDT is 6 hours. We offer a money back guarantee on all our fragrances if you are not satisfied with our quality.

We suggest that you visit one of our stores and make use of our Mini Sprays in order to make an informed choice. Make sure to enquire about our Noteworthy Loyalty Card programme for deals, discounts & rewards (see the Noteworthy page for more info)

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